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Barney Devlin

Greetings from Canberra to all learners of Irish. We run classes here every week at the Irish club and would love to have you along. Check the classes page for details of how to contact us.

The book and DVD package known as Turas Teanga is very popular with our advanced students. It's not for absolute beginners but for those who either did some Irish at school or have been learning for a few years now and want to try something a bit more challenging. We have made a general introduction... intro to the reality TV spoof known as An Grá Faoi Ghlas accompanied by a quick run down of all 14 episodes...episodes

And here is series of transcripts for some of the episodes

aonad 3

aonad 4

aonad 5

aonad 6

Talk to your teacher about the best way to use this material. You might like to do a bit of acting yourself using the script as a guide and then ad-lib, or you might like to attempt your own transcript of some of the other episodes. All sorts of questions can be used in class discussion (in Irish as far as possible). Can you work out which dialect each person is speaking ? How will they find out who the baby's daddy is ? What would be the Irish for DNA testing ? Maybe it won't get that far if series 2 reveals all ?