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Phrase book

Here are some Irish phrases with the English translations.

Section 1 - Questions:

The Irish interrogative words "cad", and "céard" are often used interchangeably. Here are some examples. Notice also how "cá" changed to "cár" in the past tense in these examples

Section 2 - Mealtimes:

These phrase are useful at mealtimes. See if you can correctly identify the masculine and feminine nouns in these examples

Section 3 - Yourself:

Some phrases used when asking about someone. examples

Section 4 - Conversation:

Here are some conversational phrases used in greetings and when answering questions about yourself. examples

Section 5 - More difficult:

These phrases are a bit longer and require more practice. See if you can correctly identify the verbs and other parts of speech in each one. Notice how the forms change depending on whether you are talking to one person or to more than one in these examples

Section 6 - What to say to your love:

Notice how in some cases the word "grá" meaning love is spelt "ngrá" and sometimes "ghrá", see if you can figure out the different reasons for each. Is it a masculine or a feminine noun. ? How can you tell ?

See if you find an example of the vocative case and the genitive case anywhere in the list of phrases.

Section 7 - What would you like ?

Phrases you will hear in a cafe or restaurant. Try them out on your classmates and then see if you can add a few of your own. Can you order your favourite snack ? examples