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Seomra Ranga

These pages will give you some practical advice based on the experiences of our teachers around the country.

Here's what some of them have to say ...

  • Dymphna Lonergan ... Click here
  • Barney Devlin ... Click here
  • Stuart Traill ... Click here

    The best way to learn is to belong to a class. That way you have people to practice with and you will all be learning together which makes it more enjoyable.

    When you commit to a class then you do have some obligations to the organisers and also to your fellow students. Here is the induction handout that we give to our own students ... Readme You will still find most of it relevant no matter where in the world you are studying.

    If there is no class near where you live then you may need to use one of the tape or CD-based courses that are available, but take every opportunity to listen to Radio na Gaeltachta or TG4 on the internet. At some point you may want to attempt an exam in order to see how you are doing or maybe gain accreditation for some vocational purpose. Here are some useful websites. You'll find that their publications can usually be downloaded and saved on your own computer as pdf files or as Ms-word documents.