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Help, my keyboard has no fada !

Your keyboard is actually smarter than it looks, and thanks to those fine people at Microsoft you can do any accent for any language.

If you are using Microsoft Word then go into help and look under "type international characters" for the whole story. What follows here is just for a fada.

What we call a fada is Irish is known in other languages as an acute accent and can be typed over any vowel. Just hold down the CTRL key and press the apostrophe key. Then release both keys and now type any vowel. It will appear with a fada. Works for capitals as well.

If your e-mail software doesn't support this keyboard feature then don't panic. Just compose your text using MS-Word and then copy/paste the finished text into your e-mail. Fadas will be preserved. Same if you want to put Irish text into a webpage of your own or submit it as a guestbook entry to a site like this one.

And if you really get stuck then you could always copy one of ours.....